Burigi Chato Safaris

About Burigi Chato Safaris

Burigi Chato Safaris is the best tour operator/company/agency in Tanzania and East Africa. The company is specialized in Mountain climbing, Beach holidays, Day Trips, Cultural tours, Tailor made Safaris/tours and Game drive Safaris to all National Parks in Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda. The company is based in Moshi, Tanzania but have branches throughout the East African Region.

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Our offices and Location

Burigi Chato Safaris main offices are located at Mkwawa Street, Shanty town, Moshi, Kilimanjaro, but we have a series of small offices from which our operations is based with the region of East Africa. We have small offices in Chato, Zanzibar, Arusha and Mwanza Tanzania. In Kenya our offices are in Nairobi. In Rwanda we are in Kigali and Entebe, Uganda. Our small offices support our operations in these areas of East Africa where we specialize in Mountain Climbing, Safari Game Drives, Day Trips, Cultural Tours and Beach Holidays.

Why did we establish offices throughout the region?

To ensure that our clients have the best experience on ground we treat every client with a personalized experience as we believe every client is has different expatations and interests. We try our best to avoid thrid parties on the delivery of our travel service as this can compromise the quality and standard of service we deliver.

Opening Hours

Office Working Hours

For a large portion of the day our offices are open to maximize the optional time for our clients and potential clients to visit the offices. Either, we do work off the office hours though mostly it is virtual but we attend the office whenever necessary to meet with clients or in a matter of emergency.


Though not necessary but, we take and encourage appointments depending with the nature of issue at hand. We treat walk ins as seriously as we would attend to a meeting fixed by an appoinment.


Monday to Friday

7:30 A.M to 6:30 P.M


7:30 A.M to 4:30 A.M

Contact information


We are literally reachable 24 hours everyday of the week. We have created profiles in a very wide range of media. We are making sure that our clients can reach us through which ever media they choose and find to be convinient for them. Being the best tour Operator/Agency/Company means that we are to not only be reachable during the office hours but the even after the office hours as our clients come from a wide range of countries and this means different time zones.

Countries of Operation


Burigi Chato Safaris is the Best Tour Operator/Company/Agency operating in the region of East Africa. Our operations as described before are client based with client based perspective.


  • Tanzania
    Burigi Chato Safaris is headquatered in Tanzania and has operations offices in Moshi, Arusha, Lake Zone Parks and Archipoleo Islands of Zanzibar and Mafia.
  • Kenya
    In Kenya we Operate in Nairobi, Mombasa and Malindi
  • Uganda
    In Uganda we operate in Entebe
  • Rwanda
    In Rwanda we operate in Kigali taking our clients to different National Parks

  • Services

    Our Services includes:

  • Mountain Climbing
  • Game Drive Safari
  • Day Trips
  • Cultural Tours
  • Beach Holidays
  • Burigi Chato Safaris Countries of Operations
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