7 days Kilimanjaro hiking up via Machame route and hiking down via Marangu route probably has a slight edge on the scenery in large part because the route up and down is different, Regardless, both routes are scenic and traverse the same range of ecosystems from tropical jungle, to mountain heath, alpine and finally apex or arctic. But the challenge comes when client select this option will be required to pay the double fees which might be expensive compared to the normal 6 days Machame route package, where you descend via Mweka


The Machame route is the most popular and beautiful route to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro. Machame’s draw is in its scenic beauty. However, the trail is considered difficult, steep and challenging, particularly due to its shorter itinerary. The route approaches Mount Kilimanjaro from the south The path leads hikers through the rain forest to Shira Plateau. Here, many of Kilimanjaro’s routes converge. The climb begins in the lush rainforest and follows a path that offers occasional views of Mt Meru, Shira Ridge as well the main summit of Mt Kilimanjaro – Kibo. The six-day variation combines days four and five, going from Barranco Camp to Barafu Camp without staying at Karanga. The Machame route contains more steep passages and higher altitudes than the Marangu and the Rongai route and is slightly more demanding.

Machame 6 days Itinerary

Below is the itinerary for 7 days double route kilimanjaro trekking via Machame. Normaly climbing Mount Kilimanjaro via Machame takes 7 days reach to the the top.Machame route exposes the climber to higher elevations quicker (day three) which kickstarts the body’s adaptation to altitude. However, this route requires that a person be in good shape to be able to tackle the challenging elevation gains and losses. The seven day Machame variation is the ideal schedule for this route.


Upon arrival at Arusha /Kilimanjaro Airport you will meet your Burigi Chato Safaris guide who will pick you up and transfer you to your hotel in Moshi Tanzania (for budget hotels we recommend KILIMANJARO WHITE HOUSE HOTEL). Settle into your accommodation, relax and get used to the African atmosphere. Ready to start your 7 DAYS KILIMANJARO HIKING TOUR VIA MACHAME ROUTE ( DESCEND VIA MACHAME ROUTE AND DESCEND VIA MARANGU ROUTE) the next day.

DAY 1: Machame Gate to Machame Camp

After breakfast you will be picked up at the lodge and taken to the Kilimanjaro entrance gate. While your guide is busy with the registration forms, you can be preparing yourself for the climb and once this is all done, your Kilimanjaro adventure will begin. In no time you will be deep within the magnificent mountain rainforest with ancient trees, primeval ferns, liana, lichen and moss that carpets the ground and drapes from the trees. You will hear and with a little luck, even spot the beautiful black and white colobus monkeys in the treetops. After 5 to 6 hours, you will reach Machame Camp which is situated just above the tree line. Here, at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro, you will have your first dinner followed by an overnight stay in tents

  • • Elevation (ft):5,400 - 9,400ft
  • • Altitude (m):1,790m - 3010m
  • • Distance covered: 11km
  • • Time to be used: 5-7 hours
  • • Habitat: Rain Forest
  • • Meals: Lunch and Dinner
  • • Accommodation: Machame camp

    After an early morning start, the path steepens. The landscape changes into heath and moorland and the open landscape allows you to see the impressive mountain range. Today’s stage is shorter than the previous day and you will arrive at the New Shira Camp by mid-afternoon. The camp has a breath-taking view of the mountain and during sunset, the evening sun lights the rock face and glacier of Kibo.

  • • Altitude: 3,010 m to 3,845m
  • • Time to be used: 4-6 hours
  • • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • • Habitant: Rainforest / Low Alpine Zone
  • Accommodation: Shira Camp

    Today you will climb about 800 m but you will be camping at an elevation only slightly higher than the previous night. This will allow your body to acclimatize as a height of over 4,500 m will be reached over the next two days.

    The trek begins with a long ascent above the Shira Plateau in the direction of the Lava Tower. From the Shira Plateau, we continue to the east up a ridge, passing the junction towards the peak of Kibo. As we continue, our direction changes to the South East towards the Lava Tower, called the “Shark’s Tooth.” Shortly after the tower, we come to the second junction which brings us up to the Arrow Glacier at an altitude of 16,000ft.

    The vegetation becomes sparser as the landscape changes to an afro-alpine desert. The route passes through the sweeping Barranco Valley with its lobelia and giant senecio plants. After 6 to 7 hours, you will arrive at the most beautiful camp on the mountain – the Barranco Camp.

  • • Altitude: 3,845 m to 3,845m to 3,960m
  • • Distance Covered: 10 km
  • • Time to be used: 6-8 hours.
  • • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • • Habitat: Semi Desert
  • • Accommodation: Barranco camp

    After sleeping below the Great Barranco Wall, you get your chance to tackle this hurdle. Don’t worry…It’s much easier than it looks. Continue up until you reach just below the Heim Glacier. Then head down through the Karanga Valley. This is the last place for your porters to gather water. They will collect all the water for the remainder of the ascent here. You will settle in here at the Karanga Camp. After lunch, you can spend the afternoon doing light exploring or resting while taking in the views of Mawenzi’s towering spires.

  • • Altitude: 3,960 m to 4,035 m
  • • Distance Covered: 7k
  • • Time to be used: 4- 5 hrs
  • • Habitat: Alpine Desert
  • • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • • Accommodation: Karanga Camp

    Awakening to the sunlight dancing off the Kibo Summit, you will enjoy a hearty breakfast before setting out to today’s destination – Barafu Camp. Most of the day will be spent walking through very dry desertic terrain, with Kibo ever present on your left side. After 3 to 4 hours, you will reach Barafu Camp, where you will have an early dinner and night as the highlight of your trip is only a few short hours away.

    At this point, you have completed the South Circuit, which offers views of the summit from many different angles. Here we make camp, rest, enjoy dinner, and prepare for the summit day. The two peaks of Mawenzi and Kibo are to be seen from this position. Once at the camp, you can relax, have dinner and call it an early night.

  • • Altitude: 4034 m to 4,640 m
  • • Elevation: 13,235 ft to 15,295 ft
  • • Distance Covered: 6 km
  • • Time to be used: 3-4 hrs
  • • Habitat: Alpine Desert
  • • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • • Accommodation: Barafu Camp

    After a cup of hot tea and a light snack, the climb begins at around midnight. We continue our way to the summit between the Rebmann and Ratzel glaciers. You head in a northwesterly direction and ascend through heavy scree towards Stella Point on the crater rim. This is the most mentally and physically challenging portion of the trek. At Stella Point (18,600 ft), you will stop for a short rest and will be rewarded with the most magnificent sunrise you are ever likely to see (weather permitting). From Stella Point, you may encounter snow all the way on your 1-hour ascent to the summit. At Uhuru Peak, you have reached the highest point on Mount Kilimanjaro and the continent of Africa. Faster hikers will see the sunrise from the summit.

    From the summit, we descend, stopping for lunch and a rest at Kibo before continuing on to the Horombo encampment.
    . You will want gaiters and trekking poles for the loose gravel going down. Later in the evening, we enjoy our last dinner on the mountain and a well-earned sleep at Horombo Hut.

  • •Barafu Camp to Uhuru Peak
  • •Elevation: 15,331 ft to 19,341 ft
  • •Distance: 5 km/3 miles
  • •Altitude: 4,640 m to 5,895 m
  • •Hiking Time: 7-8 hours
  • •Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Machame route 7 days Price Inclusion


  • Guide
  • Park Fees
  • Tax
  • Gate transfer
  • Crew wages
  • Environment fees
  • Accommodation

    During the climb you will sleep in Tents


  • 6 Breakfasts
  • 7 Lunches
  • 6 Dinners
  • Drinking Water
  • Other

  • Guide
  • Porters
  • Cook
  • Not Included

  • Flights
  • Crew Tips
  • Visas
  • The Booking Form

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