Summer Fun Cruise

Day 1:

By 12:30hrs we will board in a Kilimanjaro boat and cross the ocean from Dar es salaam to Zanzibar. Your pre-ordered lunch will be served on-board. At 14:30hrs we will arrive at Stone town Zanzibar where other crew members will be waiting to pick us up We will transit to Paje Beach where we will arrive at 16:00hrs. Checking in the rooms will follow. After everyone is alocated a room and a bed, it is time for beach games. At this point it is relevant to SHAKE OFF the stranger mode so that we all get aquinted to one another. From 17:30hrs is free time, you can use this time to swim, explore the ocean, the beach, surf, hit the bar, start a talk with a New global friend you met or any random thing really. Dinner is at 19:30hrs served at a local restaurant nearby. By 20:30hrs we start the bon-fire by the beach. Everyone, gets around the fire for a drink, random talks with one another, enjoy the beach and the ocean breeze while having a few drinks with other like minded individuals from different parts of the world. At 11:00hrs the beach party starts. Music, people, drinks and fun by the beach. At 3:00hrs we all should go to bed.

Day 2:

We will have breakfast at 6:00hrs. Breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant by the ocean a perefect spot for sunrise. At 6:30hrs we start heading up North of the Island to Mnemba. From 8:30hrs we will take a boat and go for Dolphin tour. When we find the Dolphins you can decide to Jump and swim with them or Just stay in the boat and watch them do the belly flops but, the more fun is when you get closer enough to touch and swim with them. At 11:15hrs we arrive at the Oval reef measuring several miles in diameter. The boat will drop us off at the area near the Island which is famous for its sea bed. The depth of the water is the same in all the reef area (6-16ft/2-4m). You will find yourself above a reef of varying quality (some areas are wonderfully preserved, while others seem damaged by the area's high visitor numbers). Fishing is prohibitated here therefore the density of marine life here is higher than many other places in Zanzibar. ou will come across shoals of dozens of Moorish idols, snappers, clownfish in their anemones and a host of other species. On the sea bed, look our for blue starfish, red-knobbed starfish or the fearsome crown-of-thorns starfish, a poisonous, coral-eating species. Green turtles can occasionally be seen at this spot, since they go to the island's beaches to lay their eggs at certain times of year. At 13:00hrs is lunch served by the beach. You should consider bringing a piece of clothing to put by the under-neath to which you can sit on and eat as you enjoy the view of the ocean and beach itself at Mnemba. From 14:00hrs is relaxing and playing beach games at the Island of Mnemba. If you want to go for mor snorkeling as well it is Okay. At 17:00hrs we start heading back to Paje beach. From 18:30hrs is free time but dinner will be saved at 19:30hrs at the local restaurant near by. We will start Bonfire from 20:30hrs. On this day we will have an aid of Music as we wont be having a beach party or going out for Clubbing. Making the Bon-fire as Party themed as possible is the idea. We will provide more details upon confirming your - spot.

Day 3:

Breakfast at 7:00hrs. Then Transit to Stone-town from 8:00hrs. We will check in a hotel at Stone town by 9:00hrs. At 10:00hrs we will heard to Prison Island. Here we will have a brief tour of the Island just to get the history right on how it came to existence. Right after this we get to the main part of the tour ~ Snorkeling and Swimming. AT 13:00hrs Picnic Lunch is saved by the beach. From 14:00hrs is more Snorkeling and sun bathing. Also, hours of randomness. By 17:00hrs we start hearding back to the Stonetown. From 18:00hrs is free time take shower and put on your Party Clothes. It is New Year's Eve. AT 20:00hrs we walk to Forodhani food Market here we will buy food It is dinner time. Move randomly among the food vendors choose the among many types of see food buy watch it getting prepared for you and eat. Keep moving around until you are full. At 22:30hrs we meet at the meeting spot. (Your hosts will show you where). Those who wants to go back to the hotel and sleep are escorted back and those of us who are going for the New Year's Eve Party to Welcome 2019 go.

Day 4:

Breakfast at 7:00hrs. Then from 8:00hrs Stone town tour We will go to all parts of the city which are mainly Historical Sites, House of wonders, the slave Market others. At 12:00hrs We make a quick purchase for souvenirs. Hosts will help you get good Prices. By 13:00hrs we will have Lunch. By 14:00hrs Check out from the Hotel. By 15:00hrs Your hosts will thank you for attending Fun Cruise and present you with their Surprise. At 16:00hrs Start leaving the Island in Kilimanjaro boat.

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